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Freitag, 16. März 2018

Architextures Mixed Media Artboard ‘HOME’ for Canvas Corp Brands

Hello all,
today I want to share my latest project for Canvas Corp Brands with you, an Architextures Mixed Media Artboard called `Home´.
You will find more about it on the Canvas Corp Brands Blog!

Find the process video here:

If you want to know, how you can use the Naturally Aged Paint Kit White Rusty Metal, you can watch another video on the Tattered Angels YouTube channel here:

Thank you for your visit today!

Dienstag, 13. März 2018

Springtime! - Postcard for Country View Challenges

Hello lovely friends!
The Easter Bunny is peeking round the corner and the weather is getting better - just a touch of Spring we had last weekend with some sunshine and higher temperatures.
So I decided to make a Spring related postcard for my second project for the challenge at Country View Challenges.

Hallo ihr Lieben!
Der Osterhase schaut schon um die Ecke und das Wetter wird besser - ein Hauch von Frühling war letztes Wochenende schon zu spüren mit etwas Sonnenschein und höheren Temperaturen.
Dazu passend habe ich mir gedacht, ich mache eine Frühlingskarte als zweites Projekt für die Challenge bei Country View Challenges.

I made a video tutorial, so if you like, enjoy watching!
Ich habe ein VideoTutorial gemacht, also wenn ihr wollt, dann viel Spaß beim Anschauen!

Because I liked how the card turned out, I made two more the same way, but this time with little birds.
Weil mir die Karte so gut gefallen hat, habe ich noch zwei in der selben Art gemacht, diesmal nur mit Vögelchen.

That´s it for today, I hope you liked my little Bunny postcard! Now I hope you will join in with our challenge!
You can enter our challenge as many times as you like and combine with any other challenges. Your make can be anything creative! You may even be the lucky random winner of the £20 CVC voucher.
You can find all the details for the challenge here.

Das war´s für heute! Ich hoffe, euch gefällt meine Häschenpostkarte! Vielleicht macht ihr ja bei unserer challenge mit, ich würde mich freuen!
Ihr könnt so viele Arbeiten einstellen, wie ihr möchtet und mit anderen Challenges kombinieren. Vielleicht seid ihr ja unser Zufallsgewinner und holt euch einen 20 £ Gutschein von CVC.
Alle Details findet ihr hier.

Thank you for your visit!
Danke für euren Besuch!

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Donnerstag, 1. März 2018

What if ...... ? - Postcard for Country View Challenges

Hello dear friends,
as usual at the 1st of every month we have a brandnew challenge over at Country View Challenges. This month it is hosted by my lovely teammate Sue. The theme is: Postcard!

I made a colorful postcard, you can see - I´m really longing for spring, which hopefully will arrive soon here..... well, I dream on ;-)

I made a little video of the process, if you like - enjoy watching!

 Here are some close ups:

That´s it for today, I hope you will find some time to make a postcard too and show it over at Country View Challenges, as always you can win a 20£ gift voucher for the shop!
Looking forward to seeing your postcards!

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Sonntag, 25. Februar 2018

"Be a Star" - Art Journal page for Country View Challenges

Hello dear blog friends and welcome to my new followers!
Today I´ll show you my second post for the February Challenge over at Country View Challenges.
I made again an Art Journal Page in my "Face Book" called "Be a Star".

I made a process video, so if you want, enjoy watching!

Here are some close ups:

I hope you liked it!

Well there are some days left to join in with our challenge this month, so take the chance to win a 20£ voucher to spend in the shop!

Thank you for your visit and have a good day!

Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018

Schachtel mit Rosen - Altered Box with Roses

Hallo und willkommen zusammen!
heute mal wieder etwas anderes als eine Karte für euch. 
Kürzlich hat Blanche Siegmann wieder etwas Schönes gezeigt und ich musste diese Silikonform unbedingt haben.
Ich hatte seit längerem eine Klappschachtel liegen, die nur darauf gewartet hat. verziert zu werden.

Hello and welcome to my blog!
today I want to share with you something different than a card.
Recently Blanche Siegmann showed some wonderful projects, and I urgently wanted to get this silicon mold of the rose leaves.
There was a pretty box in my stash, waiting to be altered. Here it is.

Die Blätter sind mit Hilfe der Silikonform aus Modelliermasse hergestellt, die Rosenblüten und -knospen habe ich frei geformt. Alle Teile wurden arrangiert und aufgeklebt. Nach dem Trocknen habe ich alles mit Antiquing Paint bemalt und zum Schluss mit Wachspaste in Gold die Strukturen hervorgehoben und poliert.

The leaves I made with the silicon mould and modeling clay, the roses and rosebuds are formed freely. I arranged all parts on top and glued them. After they were dry, I used Antiquing paints and highlighted the strukture with waxpaste. At last I polished the gilded parts - and that´s it!

Ich wurde gefragt, wie ich die Rosen gemacht habe. Ich dachte, am einfachsten ist es, euch das in einem Video zu zeigen ;-). Hier ist es also! Viel Spaß beim Anschauen und vielleicht auch Nacharbeiten!

 I was asked, how I made the roses. I thought to show it in a video, might be the easiest way ;-). So here it is - the English version.

Hier ein paar Nahaufnahmen der fertigen Rosen und Knospen:
Here are some close ups of the roses and rosebuds:

Ich hoffe, es hat euch gefallen und vielleicht ein wenig inspiriert.
Vielen Dank für euren Besuch!
So I hope you liked it and may be you are a little bit inspired.
Thank you for your visit today!

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Donnerstag, 1. Februar 2018

Anything but cute - Art Journal Page for Country View Challenges

Hello dear visitors, welcome to my blog!
My first project for the February Challenge over at Country View Challenges is a Art Journal page in my "Face - Book".
This month the theme is 'Anything but cute' and it was set by Christine.

 This time I don´t have pictures of the process, because I made this page while staying in hospital over Christmas last year.
I wanted to do something creative in this time, so I did some practising in drawing eyes and hands, some pages of my "Let´s face it 2017" course. If you are interested in, you can find it here.

 But back to the challenge:
For my Art Journal page for the challenge I used Gelatos to create my background. I randomly scribbled different colors on my pages and blended them with a wet paintbrush.
Then I used a charcoal pencil to draw the face - well, it is drawn askew a little bit, but I don´t mind.
Then I took a black posca pen here and there and wrote the words and 2018. For the eyes I used white posca pen and white charcoal for the accents.

Well, that´s it! I hope you like my girl!

Now grab your goodies and make something NOT cute for the challenge, you know, you can win a 20 £ voucher for the shop!

Thank you for your visit and don´t miss the gorgeous makes of my talented teamies!

Montag, 15. Januar 2018

Canvas "Music" for the CCB January Crew Challenge

Hello everybody, a warm welcome to my blog!
This time I have a canvas to share with you. I made it for the Canvas Corp Brands Crew Challenge.

Kein automatischer Alternativtext verfügbar.This is what we cooked up:

*Your inspiration is MUSIC
* Your project can be anything connected to music - make a instument, art journal, book cover, layout about your fav singer, or be inspired by a record cover. The imagination is your limits there.

*Use any technique/material you want but it must be 75% CCB products

Here is my submission:

For the story, that tells this canvas I have to go a little bit further to explain.
In my church community in Kochel am See we have a wonderful little church, which became 100 years old in 2014.
Bildergebnis für kirche kochel evangelisch
On christmas in 2013 the organ in the church broke down and we needed a new one - which is very expensive you can imagine. We collected donations - and, how exciting, last year we could buy a new organ! The inauguration was at the first Advent 2017, and Oh! How incredibly gorgeous the new organ sounds! 
If you want to see more pictures you can find them here.
The old organ was dismantled and we decided to sell the old organ pipes, the proceeds are for our church.
Well, I took some of them, having in mind to do something beautiful with them - and this is the result!

Here is what I did:

First I gathered some of the organ pipes, a picture from our little church and some of my CCB goodies (well, I didn´t use them all, but nearly).

I primed the organ pipes with white Gesso to get some grip for the paint. Then I took 
Glimmer Glaze Paint - Saffron and painted them several times until I was satisfied.  

After this I gave them a random coat with metalic wax and polished them.

I took a canvas, some old music sheets and one of the gorgeous Mixed Media Origins - Hoot .
I thought, I would use paper from the Achitextures paper pad, but I didn´t.

I tore the papers and glued them down onto the canvas using Matte Medium.

I added the distressed photo of our little church and glued it down too. When dry, I toned everything down with whit Gesso.

Through a stencil I added Texture Paste.
Then I colored the background with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mists and Base Board Mist Paint Cardboard.

These GM I used:

Imperial Blue
Jack Frost
Tattered Leather

With another stencil I added some more color. I sprayed GM Dragonfly and when dry I took DI Peacock feather for a crispier image.

I arranged my organ pipes and glued them down. The biggest one I secured with some wire additionally.

Now I mixed Art Stones and Mini Art Stones with Matte Medium and High Impact Paint Light Gold and Tattered Angels Glimmer Glam Turquoise and put it beside the pipes for more interest.

When everything was dry I added some colored flowers, some leaves, did some stamping, added some Gold here and there and dry brushed parts with white Gesso. At last I added some specks with white Gesso and I was done.

Now I hope you liked my "Music" Canvas!
Thank you for your visit today and don´t forget to have a look at the CCB blog to see what my teamies made for this challenge!